Petra Supply Network Operations are supported by a 269-member team and operates from the new state-of-the-art facility in Naour to serve the growing business of the company. The newly equipped Petra HQ in Naour is able to serve more than 10,000 customers better than before with an optimized modern distribution system and a fleet of 53 trucks. The Supply Network Operation

      - distribution of food and non-food orders
- warehousing, demand-supply management, clearance and customs-relation solutions
- handling of over 60,500 orders per year 
- processing of over 1,500 shipments every year

Petra warehouse facilities offer more than 14,800 m2 floor area for non-food products and 6,500 m2 for food products, and follow the Manhattan WMS (Warehouse Management System). The high capacity warehouses provide enough room for stockpiling 11,779 pallets for non-food products and around 5,487 pallets for food products.

Petra warehouses are equipped with the latest storage facilities. The racks are a mix of conventional, mezzanine and satellite systems. To guarantee effective operational support, best in the class material handling equipments and devices are leveraged. Reach trucks, counter balance forklifts and pallet transporters are sourced from Still, Germany, while WMS handhelds are sourced from Intermec, USA, satellite shuttles are sourced from Texo, Sweden and plastic pallets from Creamer, Germany.

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